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Jun 2021

Radiant Thinking 4.0: Think Smarter, Learn Faster and Communicate Better with Mind Maps (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date17 Jun 2021, Thursday
End Date17 Jun 2021, Thursday
Time9.30am to 4.30pm
VenueOnline via Zoom
Fee$600 (Excluding GST), Inclusive of e-certificate and e-materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


Tony Buzan’s Advanced Mind Map Technique to Personal & Professional Success

How to Apply the Revolutionary Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Hidden Potential

Our brain is a super bio-computer that dwarfs any machine on the market. If we understand how it works and how to work with it, we can employ and enjoy astonishing powers of learning, memory, concentration, and creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels.

Tony Buzan’s Revolutionary Radiant Thinking - A Clearer, More Natural And More Efficient Way To Tap Our Brain Power

Radiant Thinking, the revolutionary new method of accessing heretofore untapped intelligences, was developed by world-famous brain-power expert Tony Buzan by analyzing original breakthrough scientific insights into the workings of the brain. It is a process currently used with extraordinary success by multinational corporations, leading universities, champion athletes, and outstanding artists.

1 Day Radiant Thinking Technique Workshop

A practical 1-day mind mapping training course delivered by an expert and certified mind mapping expert, Mr Eric Cheong. This workshop aims to help unleash your natural creative self, by learning how to think radiantly and using Mind Map to reflect on your ideas.  This workshop will help guide you through not only the steps and uses of mind mapping, but also the elements of deeper, insightful thinking. You will learn how to activate both sides of your brain skills and organize in key points, set goals and communicate with others effectively. On another level, you will also see how the great thinkers, scientists, and artists of the past and present have utilized the principles of Mind Mapping and Radiant Thinking.

Key Takeaways

This remarkable workshop leverage on vivid diagrams and exciting, easy-to-follow exercises to show you how you can precisely mirror and magnify your brain’s pattern of perception and association in the way you learn, think, and create. At the end of this workshop, you will learn to utilize mind mapping to:

  • Understand your brain’s natural thinking mode and how it works in a radiant way.
  • Discover fresh solution to persistent problems and challenges
  • Understand how your brain thinks, learns and organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Learn to activate your left and right brain skills by using the Mind Map technique.
  • Learn how to draw a well-balanced Mind Map according to the Buzan Laws of Mind Maps.
  • Use the Radiant Thinking to make notes, plan and manage your time more effectively.
  • Use the Mind Maps® to think quickly and present (pitch) your ideas effectively.
Course Outlines

Welcome to the VUCA World

  • Impacts of VUCA and Industry 4.0
  • Thinking Problems @ Workplace
  • Switch from Mindset A to B

Infinite Possibilities through Radiant Thinking

  • The Synergistic Left and Right Brains
  • Principles behind Mind Maps
  • Buzan Laws of Mind Maps®
  • Individual Ideation with Brain Bloom

Brain Management: The MIG Principles

  • The Memory Formula
  • Recall During Learning
  • Learning in Chunks and Brain Breaks
  • Recall After Learning

Application:  Radiant Group Brain Storming

  • Individual Ideation
  • Deposit Ideas
  • Elaborate and Apply to Solution
  • Showcase Your Recommendations

Application:  Radiant Note-making

  • Making Memorable Notes
  • 10% Keyword Rule
  • Find Your B.O.I.

Application: Radiant Presentation

  • Scripting to Branching
  • MIG Principles for Presentation
  • Present with P.U.N.C.H.
Who Should Attend
  • Anyone who wants to think smarter, learn faster and communicate better.
  • All supervisors, senior officers, HOD and management levels will benefit from learning and using this advanced mind mapping technique.
  • Administrative Managers, Supervisors, Lecturers, Trainers, Consultants seeking to enhance their critical thinking, business communications and planning skills.
Raving Testimonials

Having a performance edge is an essential ingredient to success in business and personal life. Everyone can excel by better understanding what makes us all ‘tick’, and will lift your performance in all aspects of your life. Grant Sexton – Managing Director Leadership Management Australia (LMA)

Having had the privilege of seeing facilitators with everyone from small groups of senior managers to international audiences of thousands, I know the positive effect this information has. It demystifies the complexity of human behaviour and makes having harmonious, productive relationships a breeze. Leanne Christie CEO, Ovations International

Our Trainer’s Profile

Eric Cheong, Master Trainer, ThinkBuzan UK

Eric Cheong is an accredited Master Trainer with ThinkBuzan Ltd in UK, certified in Tony Buzan’s techniques in Mind Mapping®, Memory, Speed Reading, Creative Thinking and the iMindMap software. He was first accredited as a Buzan Licensed Instructor in 2006.  Eric is licensed to conduct Jay Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing® and Click! Colours® Personality Profiling programmes.   Over the years, Eric has trained more than 10,000 executives, teachers and students across Asia.  Some of his major clients include Oracle, Intel, Motorola, HSBC, ARUP, HK Securities, HK Exchange & Clearing Limited, Tuv Sud, Hewlett Packard, Singapore Airlines Ltd, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Ltd and Singapore Power Ltd.  He has also trained Singapore government agencies such as Ministry of Education, National Heritage Board, Housing Development Board, Health Promotion Board, Supreme Court, Health Sciences Authority and Defence Science Organisation. 

Professional Qualifications/ Achievements

  • WDA Certified Trainer, Curriculum Developer and Assessor
  • Certified ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (Master Trainer)
  • Accredited Click Colours Trainer (Master Trainer)
  • Certified Identi3 Profiling Coach
  • Certified Advanced Instructor (for Memory and Speed Reading)
  • Certified Buzan Licensed Instructor, iMindMap Master Instructor
  • Certified Guerrilla Marketing Instructor