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Jul 2021

Infographics: Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling to Engage and Captivate Your Audiences

Course Information

Start Date7 Jul 2021, Wednesday
End Date8 Jul 2021, Thursday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
VenueConcorde Hotel OR Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$1,100 (Excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Schedule

18 & 19 Jan 2021 Confirmed Run

14 & 15 Apr 2021 FULL HOUSE

7 & 8 Jul 2021 (Wed & Thu)

18 & 19 Oct 2021 (Mon & Tue)

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2 Day Workshop: Simple Way to Creating Fabulous and Visually Stunning Infographics with Microsoft PowerPoint

Simplicity: How to Turn Your Data into Easy to Understand Infographics

In today’s information overload environment, you must be able to communicate to your audience and community in a concise and engaging way that sets it apart from the noise.

Visuals are everything – from EDM’s to app screens and power presentation and even video and print advertising, the content which best catches your audience’s attention will have a higher likelihood of getting them to remember you. Since 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visual content has a retention rate of 3 weeks on average as compared to text-heavy content.

2-Day Workshop on the Power of Visual and Infographics

There is a need to redesign and present information in a new and refreshing way!  In this activity-packed 2-day workshop, you will learn how you can create visual-rich, text-light content which will leave a lasting impression on your audience & Community. Get the skills you need to create and design infographics for storytelling, reporting and presentation

Key Takeaways

The Visual Options

  • Better understand the different applications of infographics and how they can be used to help you engage and retain your audience’s attention.
  • Understand the 5 different types of Infographics which are commonly used today


The Conceptual Process – from Ideation to Execution

  • Acquire a systematic toolset to identify and prepare the must-haves to conceptualize infographics which effectively engage different stakeholders and target audiences.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to design 5 different infographics from scratch without relying on templates.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to design infographics in both portrait and landscape format


Effective Storytelling Medium

  • Effectively identify and apply the right layouts to guide how your audience processes and retains information within the infographics.
  • Develop the acumen to effectively identify, filter and accentuate key facts and figures to give your infographics greater impact.
  • Acquire a framework for assessing, identifying, selecting and repurposing images and graphics to illustrate key facts, figures, and concepts in your infographics


Bonus: Gain access to online image and graphic resources

Who Should Attend?
  • Public sector professionals keen on engaging effectively with their stakeholders and community
  • PMETs, Sales and marketing professionals looking to grab the attention of their customers
  • Business owners and marketing managers who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Budding designers, content creators, marketing executives and managers looking to be equipped with key concepts of design
  • Lecturers, trainers, Teachers and educators looking to pack their data-heavy content into attractive and impactful visuals

Note: Participants will need to have a working knowledge of PowerPoint and required to bring own laptop with MS PowerPoint Installed.


“Ezekiel is patient and willing to share. The whole department attended the course.” Priscilla, Asst Director at Singapore Polytechnic

“Ezekiel Ho was very engaging and patient when conducting the course. I found his explanations clear and helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend him. The course has been useful in helping me learn how to use visuals to communicate key concepts or instructions.” Jin Heng, Deputy Director at Singapore Polytechnic

“The facilitator was very patient in going through the concepts. The course opens new avenues on how to better use PowerPoint.” Celine, Head of Capability Development at Singapore Book Council

“Trainer is able to communicate concepts and instructions clearly and gave time for questions. The concepts learnt in this course will help with enabling work to be done more efficiently.” Caroline, Manager at Singapore Book Council

“Ezekiel is a very engaging instructor – always checking in on us and ensuring we follow through. His teaching is very clear and concise. The course helps me in creating infographics for my work – such as garnering more attention to families in my family service centre.” Muhammad Khalifah Nazir, Community Partnership Assistant at Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore Family Service Centre

“The trainer was really helpful and patient with his lesson. Instructions were clear and concise. YES! I would recommend this course as PPT is an essential work tool that we all use in day to day work functions and this course definitely refines your skillset in fully utilising it.” Benjamin, Senior Crime Scene Specialist at HTX

“Ezekiel conducted a presentation design workshop for us on 28th June 2019. During the workshop, Ezekiel provided insights on how we can improve our future decks. By using one of our previous decks for case studies, we were able to gain several actionable tips, such as How to attract and engage audiences from the start of the presentation, How to better structure the timeline for our decks, and How to use layouts to make content intuitively comprehensive for audiences. The management team which attended the seminar was very impressed with how structured the program was and being able to be applied immediately to any type of presentation. Ezekiel has created a truly masterful program. The WFA team would like to thank Ezekiel for the insights and will continue to send the middle management for this masterclass in the near future.” Edmund Lim, Director at Wong Fong Academy

Personal Coaching by Industry Specialist: Mr Ezekiel Ho

Highly motivated and self-directed, Ezekiel believes in taking on challenges by the horns and overcoming self-imposed limits. He is a passionate advocate of continued Education and training, and effectively engages learners of all ages using creative facilitation methods.

A creative by heart, Ezekiel possesses close to 20 years of experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. He excels in designing creative presentations which showcase the strengths, brand heritage and unique selling points of businesses and professionals, and training speakers to channel their inner showman to create impactful presentation experiences for their audiences.

As the founder of MEISTERKLASSE, Ezekiel believes in helping professionals transform how they create and conduct presentations. To achieve this, he has participated in local and international conferences, as well as conducting workshops both locally and in Myanmar.

Course Outline

Applications of infographics

To understand how impactful infographics can be, we begin by examining 5 scenarios where the use of infographics could have made content more engaging for audiences. We will then explore the wide range of mediums where they can be used.

Five essential qualities of great infographics

Having awareness on the usefulness of infographics is not enough – we need to know how to create infographics as well. In this segment, you will be introduced to the 5 essential qualities of great infographics. Through case studies, we will introduce the role each of these 5 qualities has in giving an infographic impact.

Why use PowerPoint to create infographics?

From Canva to Adobe Illustrator, there are a wide range of tools available for creating infographics today, so why use Microsoft PowerPoint? In this segment, we explore the pros and cons of different web and software applications which can be used to create infographics.

Five different types of infographics and their uses

While most professionals today are aware of the effectiveness of infographics to communicate information in a visually engaging way, it is also important to understand the different types of infographics and how they can be used. Through demonstrations, participants will learn how to identify the different types of infographics and their uses.

Conceptualizing audience-centric infographics

Great infographics don’t just look good, they must effectively capture and retain their target audience’s attention. In this segment, you will be introduced to a framework for identifying your target audience and tailoring your infographics to effectively capture and retain their attention.

Fundamentals of crafting unique infographics without relying on templates

Visually, effective infographics only have one thing in common –they do not look alike! Different situations call for different illustrations and layouts, great infographics are usually created from scratch and do not rely on templates. In this segment, you will learn how to use fundamental design principles to craft your own unique infographic from scratch.

Utilizing layouts to present content effectively

Gone are the days where content is presented in a single column format – the beauty of infographics lies in the unlimited possibilities in which content layouts can be used to guide how your audience absorbs and processes information. In this segment, you will acquire the know-how to create different types of professionally designed layouts and have a better understanding of how layouts can be used to guide your audience as they process content shown in your infographics.

Creating clutter-free, information-rich infographics

The core purpose of infographics is to communicate information to your audience in a fun and interesting way – infographics overloaded with information are simply printouts with pictures. Having learnt how to establish the design language and create layouts for your infographics, this segment will introduce you to a framework for identifying, filtering and populating them with essential information, facts and figures without overwhelming your audience.

The rules of visual engagement for memorable infographics

Visuals are what make infographics engaging – but how do you apply visuals effectively to create a cohesive and immersive experience with your infographics? In this segment, you will be introduced to the fundamental rules of effective visuals for creating engaging infographics.

Creating infographics in Landscape and Portrait format in PowerPoint

The orientation of an infographic depends on the platform which audiences view them in. In this segment, you will learn how to identify the best orientation to use for your infographic and learn how to effectively create them in both Landscape and Portrait orientation.

Creating Informational, List, Comparison, Hierarchical and Timeline infographics in PowerPoint

Having identified the 5 different types of Infographics, the next question is – how do you create different types of infographics in PowerPoint? Throughout the 2-day workshop, you will learn how to create Informational, List, Comparison, Hierarchical and Timeline infographics in PowerPoint.