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Salesforce Certification – Administrator & App Builder Course

Course Information

Start DateAnytime
End Date3 Month Access
ModeSelf-Paced E-Learning
Fee$1299 (excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms. Felicia) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Overview

This Salesforce certification training course is designed to ensure that you learn and master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder. In this Salesforce training, you will learn how to configure Salesforce to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital customer information and create applications using Salesforce Lightning.

This self-paced E learning course is done in partnership with SimpliLearn. It consists of a few videos that will take approximately 15 hours in total to finish the course. Upon successful completion of the SalesForce Adminstrator and App Builder online course, you will receive a completion certificate from SimpliLearn and Aventis that will be able to enhance your portfolio.


This Salesforce certification training course is suitable for individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce, particularly for app builders, developers, system administrators, sales representatives, IT managers, and product managers.

There are no prerequisites for this Salesforce.com training course. But prior working experience as an administrator or a developer is beneficial.
Course Content

Lesson 00 – Introduction to Salesforce

Lesson 01 – Salesforce Overview

Lesson 02 – Sales Cloud

Lesson 03 – Quote Templates

Lesson 04 – Service Cloud

Lesson 05 – Field Types

Lesson 06 – Salesforce Objects

Lesson 07 – Creating Buttons, Links, and Actions

Lesson 08 – Visual Workflow, Process Builder, and Schema Builder

Lesson 09 – Validation Rules

Lesson 10 – Workflow Rules

Lesson 11 – Lightning Components

Lesson 12 – Role Hierarchy

Lesson 13 – Security Controls

Lesson 14 – Profiles

Lesson 15 – Chatter

Lesson 16 – Reports

Lesson 17 – Dashboards

Lesson 18 – Data Management

Lesson 19 – AppExchange

Lesson 20 – Communities

Lesson 21 – Change Sets and Deployment

Lesson 22 – User Interface

Lesson 23 – Application Lifecycles

Lesson 24 – Help and Training

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