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MailChimp Email Marketing Course

Course Information

Start DateAnytime
End Date1 Month Access
ModeSelf-Paced E-Learning
Fee$300 (excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms. Felicia) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Overview

Email Marketing has one of the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for service & retail based businesses, join us to learn ways to generate email leads for your business, why email has the highest ROI in digital marketing, and how you can remarket to your customer and client database by the end of the class.

Are you thinking if MailChimp is for you?

Every social media and digital marketing strategy will need to involve email marketing so that you have an integrated and more cost effective social & digital marketing strategy, here’s why: http://bit.ly/world-of-marketing

Course Takeaways
  • Properly setup and structure your MailChimp account
  • Learn to apply an integrated email marketing strategy for your work and business by the end of the course
  • Map out at least 3 ways to generate email leads for your business
  • Create an email marketing strategy for your business with the help of the buyer’s journey on the internet brainstorming session
  • Learn how to design effective email campaigns
  • Basic Copywriting Activity: Write effective email marketing campaigns subjects and outlines
  • Measure email marketing metrics & success
Trainer Profile

Charmaine is the Founder & Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Sky Digital Agency and The Good Designers. She is a WSQ ACTA Certified Trainer and an Associate Adult Educator with Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). In the last 4 years, she has curated more than 12 different social media and digital marketing courses including Email Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, SEO, LinkedIn, Video Marketing and more.

Charmaine currently designs her training curriculum to introduce FREE social media and digital marketing tools to help entrepreneurs, business owners and SMEs get started with digital marketing. She designs, consults and trains marketing individuals and teams in digital marketing, helping them identify the key digital channels and areas of focus as SMEs across B2B and B2C including retail, F&B and eCommerce sectors.


Course Content

MODULE 1: Introduction to Email Marketing & MailChimp

1.1 What is Email Marketing?

1.2 What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

1.3 Introduction to Mailchimp Email Marketing Platform


MODULE 2: A Buyer’s Journey on the Internet (focusing on Email Marketing)

2.1 Mapping Out your Buyer’s Journey with your Business

2.2 Content Strategy with Email Marketing


MODULE 3: Designing Your Email Campaign Graphics In Canva

3.1 Designing in Canva, a FREE Design Tool


MODULE 4: Create an Email Marketing Campaign in MailChimp & Understanding Email Reports and Analytics

4.1 Create your first Email Marketing Campaign in MailChimp

4.2 MailChimp Email Marketing Campaign Report: Insights & Analytics

4.3 Mistakes to Avoid & Key Principles to Remember & Apply for your Business