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Jun 2020

Real Change for True Transformation (Sustainable Culture Change)

Course Information

Start Date17 Jun 2020, Wednesday
End Date17 Jun 2020, Wednesday
Time9am - 5pm
Venue100 Orchard Road Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$680 (excluding GST) Inclusive of refreshments, lunch, and course materials
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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Despite the sector and industry you’re from, in this 1-day course, you will learn the approach to achieving sustainable change to utilise in your efforts to improve or transform. Moving towards new horizons such as the Digital World and Circular Economy requires nearly everyone to understand basic Change Management and thus this course will provide you with a key competitive advantage for moving to the future. You will come to see that the basic concepts of Change Management can apply to your personal lives as well as your professional careers, equipping yourself with a powerful way to real self-improvement.

About Sustainable Culture Change

Why do so many organisations struggle with change? The topic of Change Management has been covered extensively for several decades now. But much of the literature, frameworks and methods have placed a large emphasis on theory and less on practice. The typical approach to change entails first ‘changing mindsets’ with the hopes that this will change habits, but in reality, this is extremely difficult to achieve. We welcome you to a different approach, grounded in a fundamental belief that ‘changing habits changes minds.’ It is far easier to change the way a person or organisation works, and those different patterns and practices can and do lead to changes in the way people think.

Course Highlights

In this one-day course, you will:

  • Understand that the new Digital Age requires both a new way of thinking and a new way of acting and this can only be achieved through systematic change (something we are generally not very good at)
  • Be part of a burgeoning effort to challenge the conventional norms of Organisational Change Management
  • Learn a new approach to achieving real and sustainable change in any organisation, placing more emphasis on ‘changing habits’ and less on ‘changing minds’
  • Learn the 5 elements of the True Transformation Framework – a practical change model that can be applied to both organisations and individuals
  • Reinforce the Change and Transformation learning through a dynamic team activity
Target Audience
  • Mid-to-Senior Level professionals
  • Professionals in Innovation, Transformation, and Business Excellence
  • Professionals who are in leadership positions
  • Leaders and Business Owners
  • Programme/Project Managers
  • Individuals who wish to be on the leading edge of their personal and organisational journeys towards Change and Transformation
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Change Management
    • Brief historical context between various Change Management frameworks and methods
    • Discussion on failure modes of previous cases and the perspectives of what has worked well based on real experiences
  • The True Transformation Framework
    • Introduction to a framework for sustainable change and transformation
    • The 5 basic dimensions of organisational change according to this model
    • Examples will be provided to reinforce the concepts for each dimension
  • Applying Change to Yourself
    • Apply the framework to a real change effort, either of yourself or your organisation.
    • Pair Activity: Role-playing approach
    • Ask and answer the 5 key questions that are essential towards leading a person/organisation to sustainable change and transformation
  • Moving Forward with Change
    • Open team discussion of key learnings and personal experiences
    • Methods for continuous follow-up and learning
    • Key points for the Change Journey
Change and Transformation Expert: John Hamalian

John is a Change Catalyst with over 20 years of experience at General Motors and Dell. He is the owner of Sustainable Organisational Excellence and the Southeast Asia Representative for the Lean Global Network, providing consulting, facilitation, and training to help clients across Asia improve their performance and increase value. With assignments based in the USA, China, Korea, India and Singapore, he has held 2 Asia-Pacific Director positions.

John specialises in Innovation, Change and Transformation, Digital-Age Management, Strategy, Team Development and Lean/Agile Thinking. He coaches and trains organisations on how to innovate and transform, and is also a lecturer at various universities, a published writer on Management and an active speaker at conferences, global corporations and public agencies.


“Positive, enriching learning – engaging, knowledgeable trainer with good materials!”
Tan May Ling, Deputy Director, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Thank you for this great training, one of my best training ever had, your vivid examples; personal experience, sense of humor and team exercise is very helpful.”
Jeff Tong, Manager, Dell

“Thanks for your enthusiasm in bringing us through the workshop. We felt our passion as much as we felt yours.”
Ong, Sing Chin, Director, NTUC Eldercare