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Apr 2021

Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date17 Apr 2021, Saturday
End Date25 Apr 2021, Sunday
Time9am to 5pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$2,500 (excluding GST) inclusive of e-materials and e-certificate
ContactRina | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Aventis Executive Education Series

The Aventis Executive Education Series provides a platform for like-minded and talented senior executives across Asia to partake in collaborative learning.

Facilitated by reputable industry experts and partnered with the prestigious University of Roehampton (London), our courses provide an excellent opportunity for you to enhance your professional skills and keep yourself updated with the latest industry insights.

Get ready to learn, transform, and be empowered as a global leader.


Cohorts: 17, 18, 24, 25 April 2021

Each cohort runs for 4 days on the dates indicated above, on full day blocks (9am – 5pm).


Sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organization operates in the ecological, social and economic environment. Sustainable Business Strategy illustrates how businesses can thrive and grow while simultaneously solving some of the world’s biggest challenges—and how you, as an individual, can make a difference.

This program explores concepts and methods used in strategic decision making and provides students with the necessary tools and skills to successfully undertake strategic management in organisations operating in a corporate level context. We examine the changing environment for businesses and students will be guided to develop different and contemporary approaches to assess strategic capabilities. Students will ultimately develop and improve their ability to contribute to strategic development of various organisations (SMEs, International and Global businesses).

Key Takeaways
  • Students will learn the following:
  • Understand and analyse the business models that drive change.
  • Explore why collective effort matter and how businesses can be a catalyst for system-level change in the face of significant global issues, such as climate change and income inequality.
  • Critically evaluate organizations’ capabilities and suggest and evaluate strategic options enabling organizations to gain and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategic analysis and decision making in the context of changing industry and market structures and the business environment in which organizations function,
  • Develop a number of cognitive skills including ability to research incomplete quantitative and qualitative data, demonstrate critical thinking and creativity in problem solving while recognizing ethical dilemmas and sustainability.
  • Determine what you can do in your career to become a purpose-driven leader.
Who Should Attend
  • Purpose-Driven Professionals
  • Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders from Non-profit Organisations
Business Strategist: Mr Jason Ho, (MBA Imperial College, UK)

Mr Jason is the Founder of The Guild of Storytellers, an award-winning bespoke jewellery firm with establishment across Singapore, London and Belgium. Jason has extensive experience lecturing and serving as Career Advisor (Entrepreneurship) to Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) matriculated students, mentored postgraduates from Imperial College (another alma mater), UCL, LSE and King’s College (England), and being part of the CN Yang Scholars and University Scholars Programme team at NTU (Singapore) as an adjunct. His areas of expertise are in Strategic Management, Leadership, Marketing, Sustainable Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Course Outline

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Competition and Generic Strategy

Topic 3: Resources (Financial, Human and Physical)

Topic 4: Internal Analysis and Dynamic Capabilities

Topic 5: Business Level Strategy II

Topic 6: Strategic Directions

Topic 7: Strategic Methods

Topic 8: Corporate Strategy III

Topic 9: Strategy Evaluation

Topic 10: Organizational Purpose I

Topic 11: Reflection