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Aug 2021

Getting to a Yes: Negotiate Like a Lawyer

Course Information

Start Date20 Aug 2021, Friday
End Date20 Aug 2021, Friday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
VenueConcorde Hotel OR Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$580 (Excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Schedule

20 Aug 2021 (Fri)

10 Nov 2021 (Wed)

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In today’s interdependent world of business partnerships and long-term relationships, a win-win outcome is fast becoming the only acceptable result.

Your Challenge: Going into a negotiation unprepared, lacking confidence, without a clear objective

We all negotiate every day, whether we realize it or not. Yet few people ever learn how to negotiate. Those who do usually learn the traditional, win-lose negotiating style rather than an approach that is likely to result in a win-win agreement. This old-school, adversarial approach may be useful in a one-off negotiation where you will probably not deal with that party again.

However, such transactions are becoming increasingly rare, because most of us deal with the same people repeatedly—our spouses and children, our friends and colleagues, our customers and clients. It’s essential to achieve successful results for ourselves and maintain a healthy relationship with our negotiating partners at the same time.

In today’s interdependent world of business partnerships and long-term relationships, a win-win outcome is fast becoming the only acceptable result.

Our Solution : A Negotiation Toolkit to prepare for any negotiation

The much talked about win-win is rare, but win-win negotiators know how to achieve it more often than not. Let Business Negotiation Guru, Mr. David Goldwich help you to understand the mindset, characteristics, and behaviors of win-win negotiators.

  • Understand the elements of the “principled” negotiation approach
  • Know the four stages of a negotiation
  • Understand the pros and cons of making the first offer
  • Use anchor points to get more every time
  • Distinguish interests from positions and learn how to uncover hidden interests
  • Leverage on differently valued currencies of exchange to create value out of nothing
  • Understand the process of giving and demanding concessions
  • Know when to compromise and when to try for something better
  • Develop alternatives and a powerful Plan B so you cannot lose
  • Adopt a counterintuitive approach to get better results
  • Learn how to overcome a deadlock
  • Frame issues to your advantage
  • Know the best practices of winning negotiators
Key Takeaways
  • Develop a win-win mindset and think like a master negotiator
  • Learn how to create opportunities for win-win outcomes
  • Get through a tough negotiation with a fool-proof checklist
Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, civil servants, lawyers, bankers, finance officers, purchasing officers, executives, sales and marketing staff, business development executives, customer service representatives, administrative and technical staff, and anyone whose work requires them to negotiate with and influence others.


“He is warm and friendly. He is very knowledgeable and share with us many case studies and examples. Useful for work and personal life.” Cheryl, Assistant Manager at Changi Airport Group

“A good and experienced facilitator. Enjoy the lesson a lot. Able to help me to improve and get the basic of negotiation.” Dennis, Media Production Specialist at NIE

“Kept the class entertained, extremely witty. It was a great session. I believe the information I learned here would be beneficial to some of my colleagues.” Nicole, Executive at Supreme Court

“David knew the methodology well and kept us entertained throughout the course! Vital topics were captured. Loved the session!” Ms Razeena, C.S Manager

Aventis Master Trainer: Mr. David Goldwich

David Goldwich is a lawyer who has written two books on negotiation, including his latest, Win-Win: An Everyday Guide To Negotiating. David practiced law in the United States for more than ten years, and is trained as a mediator. He has negotiated in all kinds of real-world situations.

David advocates the interest-based negotiation approach developed at Harvard to achieve win-win outcomes, though he can also take the gloves off and teach more hardball tactics and counter-tactics. He has developed his own negotiation simulations, role plays, skits, and interactive sessions, which he uses to help participants learn and improve critical negotiating skills and behaviors.

An engaging and provocative speaker, David uses humor and stories gathered from his own experience as a lawyer, businessman, and father to help people reach breakthrough changes in their personal and professional lives.

David has conducted his negotiation training for banks, tech companies, and other organizations and government agencies in the US, India, Singapore, and throughout Asia Pacific. He has also taught negotiation at Singapore Management University. In addition, David trains in the related fields of conflict management, influence and persuasion.

Course Outline

The Negotiating Process

  • What is negotiation?
  • The four stages of a negotiation
  • Keys to a win-win


Negotiation Basics

  • Anchors
  • Offers and counteroffers 
  • Who should make the first offer?
  • Making and extracting concessions
  • Leveraging currencies to create value


Best Practices

  • Communication issues
  • Empathy
  • Timing and framing
  • Get a Yes, don’t take No
  • The problem with compromise
  • Breaking a deadlock
  • Giving and responding to ultimatums


Your Eight-Step Negotiating Checklist