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Aug 2021

Employment Law in Singapore

Course Information

Start Date5 Aug 2021, Thursday
End Date6 Aug 2021, Friday
Time09:00 am - 05:00 pm
VenueHoliday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$1200 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of hotel lunch, light refreshments and course materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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8 & 9 Apr 2021 Full House

5 & 6 Aug 2021

1 & 2 Nov 2021

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The Employment Act is the key piece of legislation governing employment relations in Singapore. It is therefore critical that all employers and employees and those who deal with employment matters are intimately familiar with the relevant legislation and subsidiary legislation, including all recent changes. The consequences for not being fully familiar with and compliant with the Employment Act and all other relevant legislation and subsidiary legislation include various criminal sanctions and potential legal action against those parties in breach. Companies and individuals lose considerable sums of money being sued in Court because of a lack of understanding of the relevant law of employment. It is hoped that this two-day course which adopts a practical perspective will effectively communicate the relevant legal principles to the attendees.

Why Attend this Practical Workshop?

The course is specially designed so that the participants appreciate the complexities of the law of employment which is a difficult and layered subject encompassing a diverse number of aspects.

There will be discussion of matters as wide-ranging as express terms and implied terms, the law relating to restraint of trade and the law relating to termination among others.

Apart from the principles of employment law which will be addressed from a practical perspective, there will be many case studies to illustrate the principles in action.

Who Must Attend?

All persons in organizations, whether large or small companies or small business owners who are responsible for the employment of one or more employees. These include Company Directors, HR Directors and Managers, Administrative Officers and Company Secretaries.

Those who are employees will also find the course useful as it is important to understand their rights and obligations.


“This course helps us to have a better understanding of the Employment Acts and how we can apply in solving employers and employees problems. Trainer Christopher is a good and informative trainer.” – Seetoh Chee Kong, Singapore Police Force

“Trainer Christopher is confident and knowledgeable. Benefited greatly from this course.” – Cheng Kheng Peng, Singapore Police Force

“Yes. He is a practitioner who is able to articulate his experiences in a succinct manner. Would love to attend Chris’ courses again in future if possible. Thanks!” – Tay Meng How, State Courts

“Yes, he is clear and knowledgeable. This course is very useful in understanding our job.” – Tan Siew Hoon, State Courts

Program Outline

Introduction to Employment Law in Singapore

  • Review of employment legislation
  • The development of employment law by the Courts

Rights Under the Employment Contract and the Law

  • The employee and the independent contractor
  • Rights of employers, employees and independent contractors
  • Rights of employers and employees under the Employment Act

The Terms of the employment contract

  • Incorporation of terms
  • Express terms and their interpretation
  • Terms implied by statute law and the common law
  • Variation of terms
  • Case studies

How to Effectively Handle the Termination of Employees

  • Types of termination clauses in employment contracts
  • Summary dismissal and constructive dismissal
  • Garden leave
  • Issues to be considered before initiating termination
  • The rights of the respective parties upon termination
  • Liability for breach of the employment contract
  • Drafting employment contracts to minimize disputes
  • Case studies

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

  • Non-competition clauses
  • Non-solicitation clauses
  • The attitude of the courts towards the enforceability of such clauses
  • Case studies

The Enforcement of Confidentiality Clauses in the Employment Contract

  • Confidential information and trade secrets
  • The confidentiality clause and the non-disclosure agreement
  • Remedies for breach of confidentiality including injunctive relief
  • The Personal Data Protection Act
  • Case studies

Harassment, Bullying and Other Misconduct

  • Identifying workplace bullying and harassment
  • The investigative process
  • The Protection from Harassment Act
  • Case studies

Retirement and Retrenchment

  • The Retirement and Re-employment Act
  • Structuring an effective post retirement workforce
  • What constitutes retrenchment
  • When does the right to retrench arise
  • When is an employee entitled to retrenchment benefits

Insolvency and Change of Control and its Effect on the Employment Contract

  • The effect of judicial management
  • The impact of a winding up
  • The change in control clause

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Introduction to the litigation process
  • Overview of mediation and arbitration
  • Pros and cons of mediation, arbitration and litigation
Trainer’s Profile

Mr. Christopher Bridges has over 30 years’ experience as a litigator and practices General Litigation. His field of practice as a General Litigator is wide and varied. He is accredited on the List of Leading Counsel maintained by the High Court of Singapore which appoints on behalf of the State, senior criminal practitioners who are assisted by an assistant Counsel from a similar List of Assisting Counsel to represent a Defendant facing the Death Penalty and whose fees are paid for by the High Court.

He is also involved in the Academic Field as a Part Time Lecturer and has lectured at both the Singapore Polytechnic and Murdoch University where he conducts tutorials for Diploma Students in Business Law, covering topics on creation of contracts, employment rights and Law of International Trade which covers Carriage of Goods by Sea and Air, Maritime Insurance and Sale of Goods as well as Australian Consumer Law and Hospitality and Tourism Law.

Mr. Bridges graduated from the University of London in 1988 and was called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple in 1989 after sitting for the Bar Finals where he won a Book Prize for Best Overseas Student in General Paper 1. He was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor to The Supreme Court, Republic of Singapore on 6th June 1990. He is a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths.