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Feb 2020

Digital-Age Management for Innovation and Agility

Course Information

Start Date4 Feb 2020, Tuesday
End Date4 Feb 2020, Tuesday
Time9am - 5pm
Venue100 Orchard Road Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$680 (excluding GST) Inclusive of refreshments, lunch, and course materials
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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This 1-day course aims to help you learn a new management way of creating the right methods, habits and behaviour that will enable your organisation to significantly increase its bottom-line performance through enhanced innovation, agility, and people engagement. You will explore the entire Digital-Age Management Model using exercises and examples to reinforce critical concepts and implementation methods. You will also work through simulations and discover how to apply Digital-Age Management techniques to improve your organisation’s purpose, products, services, processes, and people for sustainable success.

About Digital-Age Management

In the fast-changing, technology-driven, youth-orientated, ultra-competitive and cost-sensitive environment of today’s world, it is essential to drive organisational excellence through a relentless focus on customer value, the design of brilliant processes, the elimination of divisive siloes, the engagement of people at every level and the cultivation of passionate teams who are constantly striving to innovate. This requires modern, agile and inclusive management concepts in order to fully leverage rapidly changing organisational dynamics, employee expectations, customer demands, technologies and business models. Yet most organisations are still operating under a largely Industrial-Age management approach — technology has changed dramatically over the past few decades, but the management concepts we use to run our organisations have not nearly kept up adequately.

Course Highlights
  • Understand that many of our current work habits and norms are a direct descendant of the Industrial Age and need to be significantly updated for the realities of the New Age
  • Learn a modern way of creating the right methods, habits and behaviours that are essential to be successful in the Digital Age
  • Be introduced to a new management model that combines customer-centricity, innovation, agility, leadership, management systems and people engagement in a holistic and synergistic manner
  • Learn how to create Organisational Coherence by setting ‘True North’ challenges that are co-created, aligned and deployed across the entire organisation, vertically and horizontally
  • Learn how to design Innovative Customer Value Delivery through End-To-End Thinking, a Customer-First Mindset and Process Design Thinking
  • Learn how to Execute with Agility through the habits of Proactive Management, Visual Process Management, and Dynamic Management Systems
  • Learn how to Quickly Adapt and Learn, through Rapid Problem Solving, Sustaining Gains through Agile Knowledge Management, and building a Learning Organisation through Reflection and Sharing
  • Learn how to achieve Dynamic People & Leadership through a culture of People First, institutionalising the concept of ‘Respect for People’ and adopting a practice of Continuous People Development
Target Audience
  • Mid-to-Senior Level professionals
  • Professionals in Innovation, Transformation, and Business Excellence
  • HR, L&D professionals, and Organisational Development practitioners
  • Programme/Project Managers
  • Individuals driving change and transformation in their organisation, adding a significant new management philosophy to their professional toolkit
Course Outline
  • Aligned Purpose & Priority
    • The criticality of starting with purpose: ‘what problem are we trying to solve?’
    • Organisational Cohesion: setting challenges that are co-created, aligned and shared across the entire organisation
    • Collaborative business plan development and deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
    • Strategic plan deployment alignment
  • Innovative Value Delivery Design
    • Systematic Improvement Process: putting a structured process in place to continuously solve problems and improve
    • End-To-End Thinking: embracing an end-to-end, horizontal view of value delivery
    • Customer-First Mindset: putting the customer and user at the centre of everything
    • Practical Problem Solving: Current State Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, etc.
    • Process Design Thinking (continuous flow, built-in quality, best practice work, visual design, simple/flexible solutions, effective application of technology)
  • Agile Execution Excellence
    • Problem Finding before Problem Solving: developing a habit of proactive management
    • Visual Process Management: establishing visual ‘line of sight’ on the process as well as the results
    • Active Management: understanding the real situation at the point of impact through the habit of regular, proactive assessment
  • Rapid Adaptation & Learning
    • Quickly Adapting to New Situations: taking ACTION to problem solve if expectations were not met or to take advantage of new opportunities to improve
    • Sustain the Gains: standardising activities that did achieve expectations
    • Spread the Wealth: building a learning organisation through sharing and reflection
  • Dynamic People & Leadership
    • People First: the centre of the entire model is people’s passion and capability
    • The Importance of ‘Respect for People’: people are an asset to be developed, not a liability to be reduced
    • Continuous People Development: developing exceptional people throughout their entire journey
    • Individual Learning Plans: how you can sustain your learning, and tips for your digital- age management journey
Change and Transformation Expert: John Hamalian

John is a Change Catalyst with over 20 years of experience at General Motors and Dell. He is the owner of Sustainable Organisational Excellence and the Southeast Asia Representative for the Lean Global Network, providing consulting, facilitation, and training to help clients across Asia improve their performance and increase value. With assignments based in the USA, China, Korea, India and Singapore, he has held 2 Asia-Pacific Director positions.

John specialises in Innovation, Change and Transformation, Digital-Age Management, Strategy, Team Development and Lean/Agile Thinking. He coaches and trains organisations on how to innovate and transform, and is also a lecturer at various universities, a published writer on Management and an active speaker at conferences, global corporations and public agencies.


“Positive, enriching learning – engaging, knowledgeable trainer with good materials!”
Tan May Ling, Deputy Director, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Thank you for this great training, one of my best training ever had, your vivid examples; personal experience, sense of humor and team exercise is very helpful.”
Jeff Tong, Manager, Dell

“Thanks for your enthusiasm in bringing us through the workshop. We felt our passion as much as we felt yours.”
Ong, Sing Chin, Director, NTUC Eldercare