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Jun 2021

Manage Workplace Anger and Stress: How to Diffuse and Resolve Office Rage Constructively

Course Information

Start Date23 Jun 2021, Wednesday
End Date23 Jun 2021, Wednesday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
VenueConcorde Hotel OR Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$600 (Excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training@aventisglobal.com
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23 Jun 2021 (Wed) UPDATED

10 Sep 2021 (Fri)

8 Dec 2021 (Wed)


We all feel angry at times. It can be an uncontrollable emotion, yet it is almost a taboo subject. We get very little guidance in our culture on how to deal with it, and the guilt or violence that may accompany it.

Is anger a bad thing? Not if you metabolize it and maximize the boost of adrenaline it brings.

Anger in today’s workplace is shocking, but not surprising. Few people are prepared to deal with the various manifestations of workplace anger. They smooth things over as best they can, but often fail to deal with the underlying causes of the anger.

According to experts,  angry confrontations can create an opportunity to improve relationships, when handled properly

When faced with the wrath of customers or colleagues, a skilled employee may be able to turn the anger into something positive by addressing the conflicts and redirecting the displaced energy. This interactive workshop shows you how to defuse angry situations through powerful techniques.

1 Day Anger Management Workshop

Attending this Anger Management workshop is one of the best ways to help you to first become aware of the causes of your anger, to understand what triggers this unhealthy emotion and which behavior patterns lead to anger, and lastly to identify ways to avoid or reduce those patterns.  In this workshop, you will hone your skills of transforming an individual’s anger from a potentially destructive force to a meaningful constructive asset: while you gain a new understanding of your own and others’ feelings, you find your relationships improving and lasting longer. It explains what anger is, what triggers it, the various different types of anger – and its substitutes – how to heal emotional aggression, and the Golden Rules of Anger Management.

Key Takeaways

By attending this life changing course, you will be provided with effective techniques for controlling and overcoming workplace anger, learn how to avoid situations that create stress and frustration, learn how to better cope with stressful situations and demystify this intense emotion and much more. By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Recognise the causes of anger at work and understand emotions and stress levels that follows
  • Realise that the negative emotion is just a manageable ‘temporary state’
  • Manage anger and other negative emotions before they go uncontrollable
  • Know the causes and effects of anger when an individual is placed under tremendous physical or psychological stress
  • Overcome the psychological phenomenon of imposter syndrome
  • Recognise the dangers of suppressed anger
  • Demonstrate emotional freedom techniques to quieten the worrying mind
  • Produce a new positive line of thinking with Thought Stopping Tactics
Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted for anyone in need of managing the emotional well-being of others to become more productive and optimistic at work.


This is a fast-paced, highly interactive workshop comprising of experiential learning activities and fun and engaging group discussions. The activities applied accelerates adult learning while bringing forth relevance to real life situations in different industries.

  • Presentation and discussion
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Individual exercises
  • Group activities
  • Videos
Raving Testimonials

“I learnt that while it’s true that suppressing and ignoring anger is unhealthy, venting is no better. I now understand that anger is not something that has to be “let out” in an aggressive way in order to avoid blowing up: outbursts and tirades only fuel the fire and reinforce an existing anger problem.” Dennis Alexander Wang, Changi Airport Group

“The one key takeaway that I’ll be sharing with my team members is that people can’t always control the situation they are in or how it makes them feel, but they can control how they express their anger. And they can communicate their feelings without being verbally or physically abusive. Even if someone is pushing their buttons, they always have a choice about how to respond.” Sabrina Wong, DBS

Let Industry Expert, Ms Sandra Daniel, help You this Essential Corporate Survival Skills.

Sandra Daniel has a distinguished career as a Training Facilitator which spans over 2 decades. She specializes in communication strategies and emotional intelligence to drive behavioural change in organisations. She has coached and trained clients from diverse organisations and industries namely, government services, banking, manufacturing, education, insurance, hospitality, sales as well as manufacturing and insurance.

Sandra an ACTA Certified Trainer who holds a Master of Science in Training and Human Resource Management from University of Leicester. At a professional level, she is a Licensed NLP Coach and Master Practitioner (American Board of NLP), Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst, DISC Accredited Administrator, Certified Enneagram Coach, Certified in ETaC and ESaC, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt,  Certified Facilitator in Design Leadership and Design Thinking, a Certified SCRUM Master and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Certified Facilitator

She regularly contributes articles on management, communication, and learning skills to Straits Times Recruit. To date, Sandra has authored and co-authored several books namely, How to Think Critically with Sun Tzu Art of War Stratagems, Impactful Academic Writing, Extremely Busy People’s Guide to Read Faster and Memorize Better and Think Clearer.

Course Outline

MODULE ONE: Understanding Anger

  • The Cycle of Anger
  • Unconstructive and reactive responses to anger
  • Common myths about anger


MODULE TWO: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
  • Practical ways of dealing with anger


MODULE THREE: Gaining Control

  • Using coping thoughts to reduce stress
  • Applying relaxation techniques
  • How to blow off some steam


MODULE FOUR: Separate People from the Problem

  • Objective vs subjective language
  • Identifying the problem
  • Using ‘I’ messages


MODULE FIVE: Working on the Problem and Solving It

  • Using constructive disagreement
  • Understanding BATNA, WATNA and ZOPA
  • Building consensus
  • Generating solutions
  • Choosing a solution
  • Making a plan and getting it done


MODULE SIX: Dealing with angry people at work

  • Understand the energy curve
  • De-escalation techniques
  • When to back away and what to do next
  • The Triple A Approach: Alter, Avoid and Accept